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India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world today. India is a large country with a large portion of it still rural. According to some current estimates ............
Adapt Technologies is a unique consultancy organisation operating in the niche field of Urban and Regional Planning and has relevant experience in delivering plans and projects which are successful and implementable.
With the advent of satellite technology and integration with the ICT, GIS is becoming a critical tool for planning and management of natural resources, urban and regional planning and urban management. Development.........

Adapt Technologies is a unique organisation operating in the niche field of Urban and Regional Planning and GIS Development and Applications.
It has been providing quality consulting services for many years to various government agencies.
Adapt Technologies pursues the planning profession vigorously and aims to deliver better services every time.
Well versed in the skills of project formulation and master planning, Adapt Technologies’ forte includes consultancy regarding preparation of large master plans, planning regulations and rules, zoning, urban management, resource mobilisation

Adapt Technologies is backed by in-house expertise as well as a network of professional planners, engineers and GIS experts.

It is headed by Maheep Singh Thapar who is the Managing Director as well as the Principal.

It has experience of working in the fields of Urban and Regional Development and Application of GIS of more than 8 years.

It is fully equipped to ensure timely delivery of even the most complicated and challenging projects.