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India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world today. India is a large country with a large portion of it still rural. According to some current estimates the population of India is around 1.1 billion. Around 70% of this population lives in rural areas. The rest 30% population (around 300 million) lives in over 200 towns and cities. There are 36 cities in India with a population of more than ‘One Million’. These cities are the growth centres of India and drivers of the economy where all tertiary sector activities and vast amounts of wealth is concentrated. To meet the fast growing demand and for a sustainable development in the future there is a requirement of infrastructure development, need for redevelopment as well as new development. Cities and their regions require sensitive planning taking into accounts various factors. Macro level plans and policies need to translated into short term plans and action oriented and implementable plans and projects.
The focus of the development is concentrated in the urban centres of the country. The cities are experinceing tremendous influx of wealth, people and they are experiencing tremendous physical growth. Fueling this growth is the large section of the society (popularly called the Middle class). Aspects of real estate have become parallel drivers of the economy. New paradigms are setting in and the social and economic fabric of the society is experiencing many changes. Therefore it becomes all the more necessary to plan dna manage our cities and regions.
Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest state in India by area and fifth largest by population. It is the largest and most populous state in Southern India. It is also considered the rice bowl of India. The state is crossed by two major rivers, the Godavari and Krishna. A state with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse social fabric, Andhra Pradesh is in the limelight for making progress on various economic and social fronts. Its capital city of Hyderabad has become a global hub for IT/ITES sector and continues to grow fast and has a promising future as the global city of tomorrow.
Hyderabad is the fifth largest city in India. It is an urban agglomeration covering more than 600 sq kms. It is the growing economic hub of India with potential sectors of IT/ITES, ICT, Bio-Tech, Pharma and retailing. Today Hyderabad is on the global map. Hyderabad is also a front runner in best practices in various fields development, administration and governance. Today Hyderabad is one of the 'Most Liveable Cities in India'.

Adapt Technologies
is involved mostly with urban development and planning projects within the Hyderabad Region.
All these projects are of vital importance to the city and for its future growth and sustainance. The wide exposure and the rich experience it has provides it with a unique position to apply that experience, learning and knowledge in other places as well. It already has the experience of handling projects in other parts of the country. Adapt is committed to give its best to the the fields of Urban and Regional Planning and GIS Developments and Applications.

Urban Development

Fast growing cities face tremendous challenges in providing a good quality of life for all its citizens and visitors. They also provide unique opportunities to improve the standards of living and also to implement new ideas, technologies and best practices implemented elsewhere. Successful implementation requires localised solutions which are easily understood and implemented by the administrators and the people at large. Todays cities need innovative planning and project formulation techniques which are futuristic, realistic, flexible, comprehensible, participative and implementable. With the advent of the the private sector as partners in development and growing success stories in Public Private Partnerships (PPP), there is a need for technical expertise for undertaking the planning process and assisting the governments as well as the private sector in undertaking specific planning and development initiatives/tasks and that too within short periods of time keeping in view the dymaic socio-economic environment. Urban and regional infrastructure development is the focus today and the growing sector thus requiring tremendous technical inputs/assistance in project formulation, planning and implementation and monitoring.

Adapt Technologies is a unique consultancy organisation operating in the niche field of Urban and Regional Planning and Infrastructure Planning and Development and has relevant experience in delivering plans and projects which are successful and implementable adn on time.


With the advent of satellite technology and integration with the ICT, GIS is becoming a critical tool for planning and management of natural resources, urban and regional planning and urban management.
Development of GIS requires careful understanding of the objectives of the project and an assessment of the requirements of the client as well as the end user for developing the specific GIS. Detailed methodology of development and application requires a careful selection of the technology, a grasp on its structural strengths and weaknesses, latest advances and finally depending on the end use.
The process involves modeling to develop the right interfaces for the end user and interaction with the client to help develop an ‘easy to use and understand’ and ‘easy to update’ GIS.
GIS is helping municipal corporations and infrastructure development and management authorities/agencies save time and money and become efficient.

Adapt Technologies has the technical strength and the experience in the niche field of GIS Development and Applications. Its strength is in concepts, structure, development and application of GIS.