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The Urban Challenges of India

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world today. With a population of around 1.3 billion, it is estimated that 65% of this population lives in rural areas. The rest 35% population (around 455 million) lives in 7935 towns/cities (as per Census of India, 2011). There are 53 urban agglomerations in India with a population of 1 million or more by 2011 (as against 35 in 2001). These cities are the growth centers of India and drivers of the economy. To meet the fast-growing demand for urban life and for ensuring sustainable development there is a requirement for comprehensive planning and spatio-economic measures to balance the growth.

The rapid urbanisation and the future trends indicate clearly that the civic agencies will be under tremendous pressure to cope up with this pressure. The quality if urban living will be a vulnerability in Indian cities due to high concentration of large populations, infrastructural requirements, environment risks, urban management issues and the level of citizens participation in planning and managing the shared city.

The major requirements for Indian cities include huge investments in infrastructure upgradation, need for redevelopment and refurbishing existing cities, planning new urban development nodes, having dynamic planning and efficient management systems

While doing this there is a need to have comprehensive and integrated planning mechanisms aimed at the type and quality of urbanisation happening and ensuring that the quality of life remains good for all citizens.

Urban Solutions from ADAPT

ADAPT is a unique organization operating in the niche fields of Urban and Regional Planning and GIS Development and Applications. It has been providing quality consulting services for around two decades to various government agencies dealing with Urban Development and Municipal Administration.

ADAPT’s forte includes large master plans, zoning regulations and rules, urban infrastructure development, urban management, urban real estate, integrated townships, land optimisation and resource mobilization strategies and advisory services regarding urban development policies, urban and regional environmental strategies and project conceptualisation and formulation.

ADAPT has in house technical strength in GIS Development and Applications. It has expertise in developing client-specific concepts, structure, development, and application of GIS.

ADAPT has an established track record in delivering high-quality works and services.

IT Solutions from ADAPT

In an increasingly digital world humans from all sections of the society are embracing technology in various aspects of life. From economic sector to social classes, technology is bringing improvements and progress for all users.

ADAPT is into the technology space since the last two decades and more. It has wide ranging expertise in the fields of IT, ITES, Smart Technologies, IoT, AI and other emerging fields. ADAPT lays special emphasis on customized solutions and application-oriented software development for various media devices.

B Veerabhadram

Associate Vice President, GIS

“GeoSpatial Database design and development play an important role in modern urban planning. Smart Cities need Smart GIS. ADAPT is a leader in integrating Urban Planning and GIS”

N Anil Kumar

General Manager, Projects

“Efficient Project delivery requires a clear understanding of professional skills and technology application. This is a strength of ADAPT.”

H Sriram

Senior Manager, CAD & GIS

“Developing Urban GIS Solutions, application development, data collection and management and aligning with project objectives is a major focus for us.”

D Vijay Kumar

Manager IT & Administration

“Information Technology is a backbone of our overall management system. We believe in providing good working environments for team members.”

The hallmarks of Adapt are:

Understanding the needs of the client

Understanding the objectives of the project

Delivering Precise & High quality content

Efficiency in process and delivery

Timely delivery


State of the art computer systems (desktops and laptops), communication systems, scanning and printing facilities, office space, equipment and trained personnel.

ADAPT has two decades of experience and today it is equipped to ensure timely delivery of even the most complicated and challenging projects. ADAPT is backed by in-house expertise as well as a network of professional consultants.


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